Physical Exam

Conformation Evaluation

Occular Exam

Gait Evaluation

Flexion Tests

Toxicology/Drug Screening

Why is a Pre-Purchase Exam important? Whether you are buying a horse for showing, performance, breeding, trail riding or pleasure, it is a financial and emotional investment. To assist you in evaluating the over-all health and condition of your prospective purchase and it’s suitability for your needs, a Pre-purchased Examination is a good investment.

Our standard Pre-purchase Examination includes:

  • Physical Examination
  • Conformation Evaluation
  • Ocular Exam
  • Gait Evaluation
  • Flexion Tests
  • Written Pre-purchase Summary Report

Optional Services Available

  • Labwork/Coggins Test
  • Drug Testing/Toxicology

It is strongly recommended that the prospective buyer be present at the time of the Pre-purchase Examination. It is also recommended that the seller or agent for seller be present. Findings should be discussed privately between the potential buyer and the veterinarian.

The veterinarian’s job is to neither pass or fail an animal. It is to provide the prospective buyer with information regarding any existing medical problems and to discuss those problems with the buyer so that an informed purchase decision may be made. The veterinarian can advise you about the horse’s current physical condition, but cannot predict the future. The decision to buy is the prospective buyer’s alone to make