Dr. Jeni Gaffney DVM

Dr. Jeni Gaffney DVM

United States Pony Club Graduate A

USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.

Emergency Veterinarian for over 20 years at Cleveland Westside Animal Emergency Clinic and currently at Animal Clinic Northview.

Owner of the Visiting Vet, Inc. an equine and small animal practice located in Bath, Ohio. Visiting Vet began in a basement as a “hobby” 25 years ago and has grown to include two veterinarians and a support staff of five in a charming clinic in the heart of Bath Township.

Jeni is very active in the horse community in and around Bath. She and Visiting Vet are sponsors of the Bath Pony Club. Jeni enjoys educating the owners of all species through free community educational events in the area on animal health and care. Jeni looks forward to spending time with her patients, clients and wonderful staff every day.

Jeni and her staff regularly attend Veterinary conferences to keep up on current technology, techniques and trends.

Jeni lives in Bath with her husband Sean, several dogs, cats, chickens and of course horses. Their son Colin, a fellow Pony Club A graduate, attends the University of Kentucky and is successfully competing at the Intermediate Level in Eventing.

Beth Gamin

Beth Gamin was born in Cleveland, and raised in Richfield, OH.

Beth is the Visiting Vet’s longest employed member and has worked for Dr. Jeni for over 17 years!

Beth loves her job and particularly enjoys seeing people she knows and catching up on how their pets are doing…and of course new puppies and kittens.

Her pets include her dogs Charlie (shown here), Duncan, Theodorable and Tina, plus 2 cats Finn and Ricky and a fish.

Beth’s hobbies include refinishing old furniture, walking and hiking with her dogs, and taking in/ rehabilitating wayward animals.

Barb Tuskas

Barb Tuskas has many years of experience and has worked in a vet office for over 35 years.

Barb was born and raised in Connecticut. She and her husband Tim have 3 boxers, 2 cats, and 2 horses on their beautiful hobby farm in Medina County.

When not in the office, Barb enjoys riding and showing her horses in Dressage; breeding and showing her boxers in the conformation ring, cycling, and hiking with her dogs.

Barb’s boxers are also certified Therapy dogs and make much appreciated visits to area nursing homes.

Barb’s favorite part of her job is welcoming new puppies and kittens (and their owners) into the practice.

Barb works the morning to early afternoon shifts at the Visiting Vet, and is almost always the first voice you will hear when you call.

Debby Davis

Debby Davis was born and raised in the Cleveland and Medina areas of Ohio.

Debby has worked for a vet for 28 years and was a welcome addition to the team at The Visiting Vet in April of 2018.

Debby is our Registered Vet Technician and has a two-year degree in Vet Technology, with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology.

Debby enjoys surgery, performing dental cleanings, and welcoming new puppies and kittens into the practice.

Debby has 2 German Shepherds – Rocko and Maya, 2 chihuahuas – Ruby and Chickpea, and her cats Toby, Bubba, Schnooghi.

Her hobbies include dog training, hiking, and marksmanship.